Monday, 28 May 2007

The 45th All Japan Aikido Demonstration- Nihon Budokan Tokyo

Blend with the
Universe of Heaven and Earth.
Stand in the center of all.
In your heart take up the stance
Of "The Way of the Mountain Echo".

- Morihei Ueshiba

From 第45回全日本合気道演舞大会

My journey to heart of Japan's martial arts has come around full circle once again. I am humbled, as I always am, to be a part of something so wholesome and rewarding, and to take part once again as a beginner.

This year was my fourth trip to Tokyo for the All Japan Aikido Demonstration. I am grateful for the patient yet firm instruction of Ueno Sensei, Kuroda Sensei and Ishitani Sensei. I am more resilient than ever before and my technique continues to improve due the quality of my training partners, Matsui san, Hata san, Ian Hitcham, Hans Deichstre, Takeuchi san, Sugi san, Steven Charles, Hitomi san, Matsui kun.

I can only hope to be less conspicuous in white next time, although being in white does have it's advantages. People don't expect much from you, so it's good to surprise them once in a while. I noticed that even in the final demonstration, Aikido Doshu M. Ueshiba still wore a white belt. I wonder what the significance, if any he placed on that choice.

One thing is for sure, wearing black without the right spirit has nothing over wearing white with the right spirit. There will quite a bit to follow on last weekend's events, I still have quite a few photos to upload and some video to edit. I'd like to express some of my views on the training we had at the Aikido Honbu on Sunday as well, but that might have to wait until another post.

Until then, yoroshiku ne!

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